March 20, 2019

Minneapolis In-Home Newborn Shoot

This shoot made me happy on so many levels. First of all, I used to work with Corrina and seeing her as a brand new mama was so much fun for me. Second, of course little Henry was perfect in all ways and staring at his little face and hearing his newborn noises all morning was the best. I’ve always thought newborns sound like pterodactyls. And I love it so much. And lastly, GUS. Gus is the Wertzberger family dog. And he is everything. I mean obviously I immediately love him because my dog’s name is also Gus (and all Gus’s are the best dogs), but then he showed off his personality and I fell even more in love. This dog is made for the big screen. Corrina, I hope you’ve already started his resume because the famous doggie scouts are coming. 😉 But seriously, he was a total ham and had all of us giggling the entire shoot. Try and look at these without smiling- I dare you. 🙂



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