March 20, 2019

Portland-Based Business // Plants By Her

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As I sit here writing this post I look around my office and am surrounded by 12 plants in just this room. Yup. 12. And I would totally add more. I am a plant lover. Any excuse to get a new one, I’m in. They bring me so much joy, especially in these cold winter months when the greenery outside is completely lacking. I don’t feel like my space is complete without some sort of plant (or plants) in each room. After a few years of killing any plant I ever owned, I’ve successfully kept quite a few alive over the past few years (RIP to all the plants that I regretfully couldn’t care for). So when Katlyn came to me with this little business proposition, I overwhelmingly said yes to all things collaborating with her on her new venture.

Meet Plants By Her. “Rooted in the belief that indoor plants foster happier, healthier and more productive spaces, Plants By Her was created to make plant ownership accessible and enjoyable. The brand was founded by Portland-based plant stylist Katlyn Daoust. Combining her reverence for indoor plant design with a background in advertising, she created Plants By Her to bring the benefits of botanicals into more interior spaces. From restaurants, fitness studios and corporate offices to private homes and pet-friendly abodes, Katlyn’s design approach is simple: enhance the existing space with the appropriate plants.”

Ok if that doesn’t make you want to hire her and/or bring all the plants into your space I don’t know what will. Working with Katlyn and bringing her vision to life was seriously such a dream! Doing brand work is a completely different ballgame for me, but it flexes those creative muscles in totally new ways and I’m loving it! Show Katlyn some love & give her a follow on Insta @plants_by_her for major plant inspo and if you’re feeling like refreshing your space— let her know. She is a magician when it comes to creating a beautiful plantified space.


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