The Experience, Investment & FAQ


Here’s the thing. Of course my main goal is to create beautiful images for you full of alllll the feels that you & your family will cherish for generations to come. But I have another goal. And that is to provide you with an experience that you won’t forget. To not just be your photographer, but to also be a calming presence for you, a lil ray of sunshine, an organized professional (who brings the fun, of course), a human you’re comfortable to be yourself with and a trusty guide. 

I want you to walk away from your experience even more in love with your honey than when you arrived, more grateful for your beautiful family and more confident in your own skin. I want to get to know you— genuinely. In my 5+ years of professional shooting experience, I have noticed how much of a difference it makes when my clients & I have gotten the chance to actually get to know one another. You’re more comfortable and I’m better able to tell your story in a way that feels true to you. And that's a win-win if you ask me.


My clients don’t look a certain way. In fact, I want to celebrate everyone’s differences! But you do have things in common with one another (whether you’re a bride-to-be or a new mama or somewhere in between). You are kind & down-to-earth. You care about the little things & the details, but in the end you believe it’s more about the moments, the emotions, the HUMANS. You are laid-back and don’t get too worried about a little dirt on the bottom of your dress or feet (cause honey, it’s gonna happen). You understand the value of photography & desire not only beautiful images, but a meaningful experience. 



investment cost: starting at $500

Couples shoots can be for an engagement, anniversary or just because. One thing every shoot has in common is the general feeling. They’re laid-back & easy-going sessions. There’s no pressure of a timeline or being anywhere else. We can take the time to actually chat & get to know one another. And of course we're going to have some fun. :) In the end— I want the shoot to feel like YOU. Like your life. Because your life is beautiful, friend. 

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investment cost: starting at $600

Oh hey, mama (or dad)! I'm so glad you're here. What a special season of life you're in. I'm so honored you're considering me to document these sweet moments for you & your family. A family/motherhood session can be anything from maternity to newborn to the first few years of life of your kiddo(s). I'm here to help you celebrate each passing season and capture it in a unique & artful way. 

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investment cost: average couples spends $5200

You’re getting married! Aaaaand if you landed here you’re maybe-possibly-hopefully considering me to document your story. That truly makes me SO excited (& grateful!). There’s just something about weddings that never gets old. The pure joy & emotion is unlike anything else. I want to freeze those sweet moments for you. I want to document your parents squeezing you so tight with love & grandpa killllling it on the dance floor. I want to capture the look on your fiance’s face when they see you for the first time. I want to bottle up all the feelings & emotions you felt on that day & give you the gift of looking back on them for years to come.

Reach out for full experience guide & availability. Also, inquire for more info on intimate weddings & elopements— I have a separate guide for that. 

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These are your memories. Not mine. Which is why it’s my goal to create a safe space for you to be your true & unfiltered selves with me (& my camera). I want to give you an experience and a gallery of images that feels genuine, not forced. I want to get to know you, to learn about your quirks, your likes, your dislikes. I don’t want to create a replica experience for every single one of my clients. What I do with one client, I might not do with the next. We’re all so different & that’s what makes us beautiful. So let’s collaborate, let’s lean into whatever makes you you and create an experience that reflects that. 

The Experience


I like to consider my approach a collaboration. Without your willingness to let me into your story AND without my ability to create a safe & welcoming space for you— the end result won’t be as powerful. We are both needed to create magic. My shooting approach is to keep things comfortable & stress-free, while giving cues & direction that will evoke real emotion. I don’t want to be in your face the entire time. I don’t want to be talking & taking up space the whole session (although I am big on words of affirmation— encouragement is a part of working with me). I want to give you the space to be with another & create real moments that I would never be able to create by overwhelming you with pose after pose.


You might think you’re awkward in front of the camera. Trust me— almost all of my clients tell me that. That’s 1000% ok (& normal!). My request from you is to simply trust me. To set your expectations aside for whatever you thought the shoot might be & just be present. To show up with an open mind. It might not happen in the first 5 minutes, but I want to get to a place where you allow me to see your quirks & vulnerabilities. I want you to feel comfortable & at ease. I want you to let your guard down & let me in so that I’m able to tell your story in a real way. Cause that’s where the real magic happens. 


There is something about her energy that just makes you want to be best friends with her and that takes all the fear, awkwardness, and insecurities away.


I didn't expect how comfortable and relaxed I'd feel with her taking our photos. And let's be real here, practically making out with someone in front of a near-stranger could be VERY awkward. With Nicole, it just wasn't. 

—Britt b.—

There is no one in this world I would trust more on my wedding day than Nicole. Her amazing photos speak for themselves but she made our wedding day so easy and made everyone feel so comfortable.

—elyssa T.—

...she actually truly honestly CARES about you & making your day incredible.

—megan T.—

This was the BEST decision we made, she made us feel so comfortable and truly ended up being a friend and then it was just a plus that she also took AMAZING photos!

—kelly p.—

She made us feel at ease and like she really knew us. Having Nicole at our wedding felt like an old friend had joined in on the fun, and we are THRILLED with the photos!


She has a natural ability to make anyone she works with feel completely comfortable and at ease, while at the same time infusing her creative brilliance into each and every shot.


From the first moment we met Nicole, we instantly hit it off. The conversation felt natural, sincere and true — she really wanted to get to know us as people, not just clients.


I don't just want to shoot what it looks like, I want to shoot what it *feels* like.

Laid-back, intimate, soft, real and free- spirited. I see beauty in simplicity & connection and creating images that evoke honest emotion. I like to keep the tones in my images earthy and warm.

How would you describe your style?

Weddings: 600-1000+ depending on your specific day.
Elopements: 300+ depending on your specific day.
Sessions: 50-125+ photos depending on the type of shoot.

How many photos do we get?

Via online gallery (in which you will get a link & be able to download directly to your computer). And yeppp- the print release is all yours. I do have an amazing online store you can purchase super high-quality prints, albums, etc. from.

How will I receive the images & do I get the print release?

I don’t. Editing is a huge part of the end product you will receive. Also, part of choosing a good fit in your photographer is choosing their style. So make sure you choose someone’s style you love as it is.

Do you ever give raw, unedited images?

My theory for a successful family shoot is to let the kids be kids. Sure, we want to try & get one of everyone looking, but the shoot is much more relaxed & FUN when we don't make the kid(s) sit still for an entire hour (plus that just stresses most parents out!). Let's let them run around & dance & spin & jump & find bugs & give snuggles & just be. a. kid. The photos will feel more genuine to who they are in that stage of life anyway. I promise you the end result is going to be something you absolutely love. 

How do you approach family sessions?

Michael Scott is my spirit animal. “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” I meann.....

Favorite Office character?

Of course! I provide example timelines in the guide I send out, but obviously every wedding day is different, so we will craft a timeline together for you that is going to fit the needs of your day.

Do you help me with the timeline for my wedding?

I have a few awesome partners that I will reach out to if you decide to add on a second shooter. If it’s in budget- I always recommend adding a second photographer onto your collection. There are so many benefits to having another photog along. Reach out for more info.

Do you have a second photographer?

Of course you can! Just ask when inquiring and I'll send an online gallery your way. 



Wanna know a secret? 99% of the humans I work with feel this way in the beginning (I swear you’re not alone!). Most of us aren’t supermodels and I certainly don’t expect you to be. That is why you hire me. It’s MY job to make you feel comfortable and to direct you & guide you so that you feel relaxed & comfortable & confident. I pinky promise that by the end you will be having so much fun you barely realize a camera is pointed at you. Hold me to it. ;)

We’re awkward in front of the camera. Will this be an issue?

YEESS!! I include an engagement session in all of my collections for a reason. :) I find it to be a super important time to have together before the wedding day. There are no tight timelines, no guests to chat with, no wedding-day nerves. It’s just you guys, me and my camera (& some good music!). It’s the perfect time to continue to get to know one another. When you feel comfortable with me-— it makes a world of difference. The shoots are laid-back & fun— pinky promise.

Do you recommend doing an engagement session?

4-5 weeks for shoots & 8-9 weeks for weddings 

What’s your turnaround time?

You bet, my friend. You'll see a small preview within 72 hours of the wedding day (unless circumstances don't allow, in which you'll be notified).

Do you do sneak peeks for weddings?

My happy spot is between 15-20 to insure I give each of my couples the amaaazing experience they deserve.

How many weddings do you take per year?

I encourage you to create a family photo shot list (especially if there are unique family situations that I need to be sensitive to) and a “special” shot list of photos I wouldn’t normally know to take (i.e. item you have to honor late loved one, recreating a photo your mom & dad did at their wedding, etc.). Otherwise, I think it’s important to just shoot what naturally unfolds in front of me. 

Do you work with a shot list?

Embrace it, friend! Different weather scenarios can actually create some really beautiful & unique images. BUT obviously if the weather is super terrible or dangerous— we can look at rescheduling your shoot. For a wedding— we will create a back-up plan together.

What if there is bad weather?

Yepp it sure is. I officially went full- time in May of 2018, but have been shooting weddings and lifestyle sessions “on-the-side” since 2013. I can honestly say that I love my job!

Is this your “real job”? How long have you been doing photography?

PLEASE DO!!! I am a major animal lover. Plus, furry friends are family IMO.

Can we bring pets to our shoot?

You are beautiful juuust the way you are, my friend. I don’t do any major body manipulations or alterations. I do minor “photoshopping” with skin blemishes, bruises, etc.

Can you photoshop us?

I will send you all sorts of info on this— don’t you worry. If you’re wanting to get ahead of the game, I created a blog post all about it. Click here to check it out.

What the heck do we wear to our shoot?

I suuure do. I have a soul that craves adventure and experiencing new places, so count me in. Travel fees would consist of mileage/airfare, loging & rental car (if applicable).

Do you travel? What are your travel fees?

For weddings, there is a small rescheduling fee if the date is within six months of the original date. A new retainer will be required to book a date outside of six months of the original. If you cancel, the retainer becomes a cancellation fee. 

What if we need to cancel or reschedule?

[happy dance] I’m so glad you feel connected to my work. In order to book a wedding, you are required to put down a 30% non-refundable retainer & sign a contract to secure your date. From there, I will be in touch with you about next steps. I cannot wait to work with you!

How can we book?

Typical payments are made in two chunks, but I am very open to creating a payment plan that spreads out the cost more if desired.

Do you do payment plans?

You picking up what I'm putting down?

let's chat

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I am a Minneapolis, Minnesota wedding, family & portrait photographer, kindness spreader and storyteller for laid-back, free-spirited souls who are looking for an adventure— no matter how big or small. Browse my site to learn more. I can’t wait to meet you!