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I believe that every life is a gift. Every life is beautiful. And every story deserves to be told no matter what the circumstances. I also believe that we all should generously share the gifts we’ve been given with others. Enter “This Precious Life.” This Precious Life is a new branch of my business all about giving. Once each quarter, I will randomly select a family or couple or individual and tell their story through my lens free of charge. My goal is to preserve time for them. To document their life as it is- with all of its beauty & all of its struggle.

I know a photoshoot isn’t a huge monetary gift. It’s not going to cure any diseases or end world hunger. It’s not a solution for the struggle some people face every single day. But it IS a gift. It’s a gift of memories. It’s a gift of love. It’s a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. Once you are out of this season of life- these photos will still be there. Keep on scrolling to learn more. 

So how can YOU help? You can send people my way. You can submit someone. Do you know someone struggling with an illness & their medical bills are stacked so high the last thing on their list is an updated family session? Do you know a couple who has had a rough year and just deserves to catch a break? Do you know a little human who has been dealt far too much for their short life already? Fill out the form below to enter them. I have no idea what kind of response this is going to get. Maybe I’ll get one person who reaches out or maybe I’ll get 50. I truly have no idea, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to put myself in the position to give a gift that all humans deserve : photos that tell their beautiful story.



"Our time with Nicole was unforgettable. She was so accommodating to our circumstances and gave us her undivided attention. She has a genuine love and passion for capturing life's precious moments." 

-Jamie grant (sam's mom)

Without any previous known complications, upon birth at Mercy Hospital, Sam was immediately rushed to Minneapolis Children’s Hospital. He was diagnosed with a rare birth defect and Down Syndrome. At four days old, in order for Sam to eat, he was given a feeding tube. Later, after a series of cardiac arrests, Sam was diagnosed with an even more rare birth defect. As a result, he was given a tracheostomy, a breathing tube. He has undergone almost thirty-five surgeries, with more to come. After seven, very bumpy months in the hospital, with complication after complication, Sam was able to go home for the first time. Today, he’s thriving at home with his family and home care nurses, still continuing to defy the odds while keeping his medical team on their toes. He’s an incredible boy who continues to bless and win the hearts of many with his captivating personality and infectious smile. For Sam's full story click here. 

Superman sam

the Next shoot will take place in APR/May. 
selection will be made at random in April 2022.

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