February 3, 2021

Intimate Montana Summer Outdoor Wedding | Althoffs

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My heart is exploding rn because I am sharing all about Britt & Nick today. 🤗 Where the heck do I even begin? Honestly, I just have so much love for these two. I met both Britt & Nick in college— separately. My husband had a bunch of classes with Britt & I had a couple classes with Nick and oddly enough. I didn’t know them suuuper duper well, but I knew them well enough to know that they were my kinda people. ✨ So when they asked me to shoot their wedding— I basically dropped everything & said “when & where”?

Fast forward to their wedding day this past August in Montana (!!!). The entire day was an absolute dream. It was just what the soul needed. I left that night with sore cheeks from smiling so much. There was just so much goodness the entire day. SOO much genuine emotion— tears of joy, laughter, love, epic dance moves & smiles bigger than you’ve ever seen.

I could write a book allll about what amazing humans Britt & Nick are (& in turn, what an amazing couple they make!). First of all— they are one of the most fun duos around. You are guaranteed to have a good time when they’re around— no questions asked. Second, they are full of joy. It radiates off of them & onto everyone around them. They have such contagious energy (the kind you *want* to catch!).

Last, they are incredibly kind, thoughtful & empathetic people. Case in point— Britt & Nick were well aware of the summer I’d had & knew that life hadn’t been super kind to my family as of late. On two different occasions— Britt came over to me during *her own* wedding dance & sat down with me. She held my hand, looked me in the eye & proceeded to tell me some of the kindest things anyone has ever said to me. An hour or two later— both her & Nick did the same thing to me againnnn. I can’t tell you how GOOD these humans are. But trust me— they are 11/10 and you want them in your inner circle.

Long story short, Britt & Nick are sweethearts with hearts of gold & I love them. Here’s a look into their intimate Montana wedding day. ✨🙏🌼


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