April 4, 2022

7 Questions to ask yourself before hiring your wedding photographer

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Hiring a photographer for your wedding day is big decision. You are with your wedding photographer more than almost anyone else on your wedding day— which is quite crazy if you think about it. I alwaaaays tell potential clients (no matter who they hire) that they should enjoy being around that person & feel confident & comfortable when with them. It’s so so important and it makes such a big difference in how your final gallery will turn out. Having a connection with your photographer and feeling comfortable around them will allow you to be more vulnerable (which is so important when photographing love!). It will also allow them to photograph you in the most real & genuine way possible. 

Sooooo, all of that being said— I wanted to put together a short little list for you to use when you’re in the process of hiring a wedding photographer. You deserve to have someone that is going to serve you in the best way possible. 

Here are 7 questions to get you thinking— in no particular order: 

  1. Are you drawn to their shooting style & the way they photograph people? Everyone has a somewhat different style of shooting. Some photographers shoot in a more traditional & classic style (think about our parents’ wedding albums). Others tend to let the day happen & capture it in a more “photojournalistic” style. Another example would be editorial, in which the photographer is more hands-on and puts a lot of emphasis on lighting & posing. A lot of photographers might be a bit of a mix of styles, but be sure that you are drawn to the way they photograph people. 
  2. Do you like their editing style? Editing style is a whole other thing. Shooting style is only half of the end result. Be sure that you like the style in which the photographer edits their images. Are you drawn to light & airy photographs? Dark & moody? Super warm tones? Nostalgic & filmy? More on the natural/real side? Take in a variety of the photographers images & decide if you like how they look from an editing perspective. No need to nit-pick here, just browse through their portfolio & ask yourself what you’re drawn to about their images. 
  3. Have you seen more than just their “highlight reel” on social media? So many photographers are found on social media these days. And we all know that social media is typically a highlight reel, right? Be sure that you do your due diligence and look at your photographer’s website to see a more wide variety of photos. Specifically be sure you’ve seen low light examples, group photo examples, etc. These can often be found in their portfolio or in a full blog post. If they aren’t showcasing those types of images, just ask them to see a full gallery. Most photographers have no problem sharing a full day’s work to give you a better idea of what to expect in a final gallery.
  4. Does the experience they provide seem to be in line with what you’re looking for? Wedding photography isn’t only about the photos in my opinion. Maybe the overall experience doesn’t matter to you, but I’m alllllll about providing my clients with the best experience possible— from start to finish. This includes communication style & frequency, making sure my clients feel well taken-care of & listened to, providing an experience that feels special & unique, being a resource & guide during the planning process, getting know my clients as people & treating them as such, creating a fun, laid-back & stress-free wedding day experience, etc. etc. The list goes on. So much goes into providing a 10/10 experience. If this is something that you’re looking for— be sure that your photographer is going to give you an experience that you will enjoy & cherish forever.  
  5. Do you feel a connection to their work? Can you see yourself in their photos? Do you feel a certain way when you browse through their gallery? Do the images elicit positive emotions? Can you imagine you & your partner in their images? Does it make you excited to think about? These are all important questions to ask yourself.
  6. Do they make you comfortable? Could you see yourself feeling at ease in front of their camera? Oooohhh this is an important one. After having a conversation with them (whether via phone, video call or in person)— how did you feel? Did you feel super awkward & kinda stressed? Or did you feel relaxed & comfortable as you talked through things & asked questions? Can you picture yourself being photographed by them & being comfortable in both the happy, carefree moments & also the more vulnerable, intimate ones? It’s sooo important that you feel comfortable with your wedding photographer. It will of course get easier & more comfortable the more you get to know them, but you shouldn’t feel uneasy about their energy. You should be able to be yourself! 
  7. Do you feel a connection to them as a human? Let’s end with this one. Do your personalities mesh? Are your super type A tendencies going to clash with their more laid-back style? Could you see yourselves inviting them to dinner or drinks? Unlike what a lot of people say, you do not need to be BFF’s with your wedding photographer (although that’s an added bonus if that happens). What you do need is someone that feels aligned with you & your overall values. Like I mentioned above, you will be around this person more than almost anyone else on one of the biggest days of your life— so do yourself a favor and hire someone you really, really enjoy. It will make your day thaaaat much better. Trust me. 

After asking yourself (& your partner) these questions— you can move onto the pricing, logistics, etc. But I truly think that by answering these 7 questions, you will learn a lot about what you’re actually looking for and if this person is the right fit for you (& vice versa). The rest will fall into place. I hope this helps! 

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