January 2, 2021

Minnesota Summer Newborn Session | Leni

This family is a special one. They are some of the most kind humans around and I’ve had the honor of documenting their journey into parenthood a couple of times. This was the first, back in June— their “newborn” photos (at 3 months old thanks to Covid). Alexa wrote the most beautiful words about her journey into motherhood and I thought it was only fitting to share them along with these images of Alexa, Justin & their sweet new addition, Leni.  

Words by Alexa

“I’m a new mom but I have been fascinated by motherhood and birth for as long as I can remember. I believe our bodies are superhuman. We have the ability to not only grow and birth human life, but we can nourish and sustain that life Earth-side as well. I often think mothers are overlooked. We love moms when they are pregnant, and we forget about moms once they give birth. We don’t take into account that on the day a baby is born, so is a mother. A mother who deserves love and affection and grace. A mother who is recovering from pregnancy and birth and navigating a whole new chapter. A whole new them. A mother who needs to be nourished and taken care of and adored.

Motherhood is hard work. No one can prepare you for the shift from you to we. No one can prepare you for that moment your heart is suddenly outside of your body. Living. Breathing. Your whole entire heart. It’s overwhelming, really. This little, tiny being who you just met yet you feel you have known forever. No one can prepare you for the way your heart quite literally melts when you see them smile. Or the way they giggle at the silly things you do. And the absolute peace that overcomes you as you watch them so gracefully sleep. Motherhood is demanding. It is all consuming. There are long nights and long days, but the weeks and the months go far too fast. No one can prepare you for the first or the lasts. Because with every first comes a last. On the day a baby is born, so is a mother.”

Alexa, Justin & Leni | 06.11.20


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