January 27, 2020

Laguna Beach, California Engagement Photographer | Emily & Cameron

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Emily & Cameron & a wholeeee lot of California ocean-y goodness. One of my favorite shoots to date with two amazing, kind (incredibly photogenic) humans. I flew out to LA this past October for Emily & Cameron’s engagement shoot along the west coast. We had chatted on the phone & sent countless emails, but I had never met them before flying out there. Thankfully, we totally hit it off. 

Emily & I spent some time together getting to know one another over coffee after she so graciously picked me up from the airport during LA rush hour (bless you, Emily!). I hit up a local coffee shop while they were getting ready for the shoot & then they picked me up & we headed to Laguna Beach for the shoot. 

The weather could not have been more perfect (am I from MN or am I from MN? We love talking about the weather!). We were blessed with those warm Cali rays & the most perrrrfect sunset to end the shoot. These two sweeties made my job extra easy. Their happiness literally radiates off of them (for real— scroll down & see for yourself! They’re glowing!). The entire shoot just felt freeing— running around on the beach barefoot as the waves crashed along the shore, being surrounded by such insane beauty & feeling inspired by new surroundings and two people crazy about one another. It brought me so much joy. 

Afterwards, we grabbed some food & drinks, swapped stories & continued to get to know each other. It’s not every day I get to spend that much quality time with my couples— and quality time is my top love language, so I was not mad about it. Can’t wait to continue to document their story at their 2020 wedding next fall. 🙂



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